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Default Horizontal & Vertical Line Drawing Objects

1. Looks like the max line width for a hor or vert line is 10. Is there a way to increase that?
2. If i draw a hor. ref line at a specific price, is there a way to attach a label to that line that signifies the price? Is there a way to attach a label to the line that says what it represents - "swing high" for example?
3. If I have 3 charts open at different durations, is there a way to draw a ref line on one chart and have that line, at the price show up on all 3 charts at the right location?
4, Is there a way to move the re line to the back to sow up behind other objects or the price chart?
5. Is there a way to change the opacity of the ref line?

Thanks in advance for any help

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Hello dmking,

Thanks for writing in.

1) The maximum width for a line is 10. This cannot be increased. However, if you are wanting to color a wide area I recommend you use DrawRectangle.

Below is a link to the help guide on DrawRectangle.

2) A horizontal or vertical line does not have the ability to show a price marker.

To add a label to this line you could draw a text box below the line that has the line price. Drawing text a few ticks below or above the line I think would accomplish your goal.

Below is a link to the help guide on DrawText.

3) Yes, you can make a line that extends across all charts that are using that same instrument.

To do this:
  • Double click the line you have drawn
  • In the "Attach to:" drop-down, select the instrument that is followed by (All Charts). For example: ES 06-13 (All Charts)
  • Click OK

4) Yes, you can change the order that objects are on top of each other. This is called the z-order.

To change this:
  • Select an object by clicking on it -> hold the Shift key and then scroll the mouse wheel

Below is a link to the help guide on Navigating a Chart. Please refer to the section 'How to change the z-order (paint order) of a chart object'.

5) Yes, you can change the opacity of a line when declaring the color.
For example:
DrawHorizontalLine("myLine", true, Close[0], Color.FromArgb(50, Color.Blue), DashStyle.Solid, 10);

Please let me know if I can be of any further assistance.
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