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Connecting Support for establishing connections to your broker or market data service provider.

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Hi, I need more clarification on multiple broker features.

I have NT IB standard.

What do I need in the following instances:

2 different IB accounts

a) 2 different accounts with IB, in the same PC. Is the NT-IB standard enough to send and manage orders into 2 different IB accounts?

b) 2 different IB accounts, each one in a different PC, using one IB account with one instance of NT in one PC and another IB acc with another instance of NT in a second PC. Can this be done with 1 NT- IB standard edition?

One IB account and one other broker (say, Open e cry or Transact) account

c) Would I need NT multiple broker edition in any case (same PC/different PC-etc.)?

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a) If the multiple accounts are accessed from one login of TWS (one TWS instance) then you can use on NT instance to connect and trade both accounts. If the accounts are in separate TWS instances you will then need to run two instances of both NT and TWS on separate machines. Our upcoming V5 will allow you to connect to multiple instances of TWS from one NT instance.

b) Yes this can be done with the standard edition provided you are the only one trading both accounts and it's not two traders using it in which case you need to have two NT licenses.

C) You would need MultiBroker edition and could connect to both accounts with one instance of NT. We do not support Transact.
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