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This week NinjaTrader spotlights: Trade Stocks AmericaHow to Make $600/day in Stocks, Futures and Forex Using the Lightning Trading System

Date and Time:

9/19/2013 at 4:15 PM EDT Attend Webinar

About the event:

Learn how to use the Lightning Trading System to obtain consistent profits trading stocks, futures and forex. Get higher probability entry and exit points which maximizes your profits, as most traders sell too soon! "What traders need the most is an audio and visual alert at the optimum time to buy or sell any stock, future or forex instrument. The experienced traders know that you make the most money knowing when to close a position, not just when to buy. I think what we have accomplished with the Lightning Trading System is it allows you to efficiently increase your workflow while managing more positions with higher profits at a lower stress level," says Mitch King, Founder of

In this session, the following topics will be covered:

  • What can the Lightning Trading System do for you?
  • Review live trades for stocks, futures and forex pairs.
  • As an added bonus: Learn how to get the Lightning Trading System FREE for 30 days!

Special Trade Stocks America offer for attendees only:

All attendees will receive FREE access to the Lightning Trading System for 30 days, and access to the Trading Room for 60 days! Additional information about this exclusive offer, along with many other offers, will be shared by Mitch during the event.

About the Presenter:

Mitch King head shotMitch King has been a full time trader of the financial markets for the past 20 years and develops powerful trading tools and alert services for stocks, futures and forex traders. He is the founder of and is featuring their trading software called the Lightning Trading System. Interesting facts: In 1999, a Schwab 500 Team leader told Mitch he was one of the 100 highest revenue accounts out of Schwab's 3.7 million customers. Largest single stock position: 2.1 million shares (he was trying to make $1 million in a day). Largest profit in single day: over $660,000. Largest loss: more than largest profit. Best trading memory: Turning $119,000 (approx.) into $7.1 million in 5 months (stocks only). Mitch and his wife have 4 children.