NinjaTrader Direct Edition for CQG

We are glad that you have chosen to use NinjaTrader as your primary trading platform and we will do everything we can to provide you with the best end-user experience possible, just like we have for the thousands of active traders that have come before you.

The free NinjaTrader Direct Edition is a limited functionality version of our end-to-end trading platform that can be used with your live CQG based brokerage account. It comes with basic order entry and charting functionality.

Get the full power of the NinjaTrader trading platform by purchasing our standard version which upgrades the Direct Edition by including the following powerful features:

  • Order Entry Hot Keys Drive order submission, modification, cancellation and close positions efficiently by invoking user configured Hot Keys.
  • One Cancels Other Orders (OCO) Submit multiple orders to protect an open position, when one fills the other is automatically cancelled.

I will pass on the upgrade… I just want to use the free NinjaTrader Direct Edition…

No problem, please complete the form below at which time you will be directed to our download site. You will also receive an email with your unique license key and instructions to activate the NinjaTrader Direct Edition.

  • * The Direct Edition license key you will receive will ONLY work with NinjaTrader Version 7. It will not work for NinjaTrader 6.5.
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